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Vermont Secretary of State Debate 1992 10/23/1992

Burlington Mayor Peter Clavelle: MAYOR CLAVELLE & SEN. LEAHY - CDBG BILL PRESS CONF. 09/28/1992

Bill Clinton Visits Burlington 09/26/1992

Chittenden County Senate 1992 Debate Pat Nowak Closing Remarks 08/19/1992

Congressman Bernie Sanders: Press Conference re the G.A.T.T. (General Agreement on Tarrifs & Trade) 07/06/1992

Senator Patrick Leahy: SEN. PAT LEAHY, LIVE 06/05/1992

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August 11, 2020 Primary Night Results

For unofficial results on election night, visit the Vermont Secretary of State's election results page. Results reported for Federal, statewide, Senate and House Seats. https://electionresults.vermont.gov/Index.html#/ In September and October, Town Meeting TV will bring you live candidate forums for all federal, statewide and local elections.


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