Living On The Shelf: The Importance of Archival Footage 12/04/2019

CCV Dimensions of Self & Society - Community Issues Series - Addiction & Recovery 12/04/2019

Operation City on a Hill: The Revolt of the Public and the Crisis of Authority in the New Millennium 11/12/2019

VICII: The F-35s - Local Noise and Nukes 10/30/2019

People's Forum on the F-35 10/24/2019

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F-35 Arrival Ceremony 10/19/2019

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Operation City on a Hill: A Tale of Two Futures 10/08/2019

Burlington Police Commission 09/24/2019

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Town Meeting TV Presents Virtual Primary Election Candidate Forums

Beginning Thursday, July 16th, Town Meeting TV will present candidate forums for many of the (down-ticket) contested seats that are on the ballot in Chittenden County. Visit for election-related events and resources. Live broadcasts, recorded meetings, and other local programs can also be found on YouTube:


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