affordable housing

Moments with Melinda: David Martins - Executive Director of the Vermont Affordable Housing Coalition 12/02/2021

In the House Live: The Housing Crisis & Young People 12/01/2021

In the House Live: Housing as the Foundation - Affordable Housing and Children 10/06/2021

Congressman Peter Welch: Affordable Housing Press Conference in Burlington 07/09/2020

Vermont Affordable Housing Show: Looking Back Over 35 Years in Housing 12/04/2019

Housing - Fair, Safe, Affordable: Emergency Fuel and Utility Assistance 11/21/2019

Vermont Interfaith Action: Are College Students Driving Up Housing Costs? 11/19/2019

The Burlington Housing Summit 2019 - Phase II 09/04/2019

Housing - Fair, Safe, Affordable: Interview with Ted Wimpey - Retiring Director of the Fair Housing Project 07/18/2019

CCV Student Interviews - Affordable Housing 07/02/2019

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