Greater Burlington Women's Forum: Beyond #MeToo - Workplace Sexual Harassment

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Sexual harassment and abuse charges against powerful personalities have created a kind of public reckoning. Our shared voices in the media and the #MeToo movement are driving change, yet pushing back against the behavior patterns of sexual harassment, so common in workplaces across the country, is not easy. When is it safe to speak up? What happens if we do say something? Who do we turn to if we decide to speak up? How might the passage of new laws in Vermont change the climate?


Alexandra H. Clauss, Esq. is an attorney and Shareholder at Primmer Piper Eggleston & Cramer PC.

Lola Houston of Live A True Life loves helping others untangle the complexities of love and life.

Lisa Senecal is a co-founder of The Maren Group. She specializes in strategic planning, communications, investigations, and best practices for risk mitigation to guide individual and private sector clients who are grappling with sexual harassment and assault.  

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