Artful Word: Summer Solstice Longest Day of the Year

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Again calling fellow and sister earthlings to another equatorial visitation. The summer solstice, the longest day, from the depths of the onset of the winter solstice, the longest night, we patiently wait as planet earth slowly tilts on her axis, hurling herself around her closest star in a majestic gravitational ellipse, seemingly a single outpost in a distant and unending void. A phenomenal gravitational dance, unending and predictable, for billions of years, eons unknown and untold on a long finger of the milky way galaxy.

But, unlike our limited field of human observations, we are surrounded by a plethora, billions of stars and planets in cosmic evolutionary convulsions. Yes, we are here in our life zone. Astronomical time needs no human computations to mark its passage.

But, as keen observers for only a brief moment in geological and astronomical magnitude, we are but only recent newcomers to these heavenly observations. Who else watches? For certainly and undoubtedly we are not alone. Like a tree falling in the forest, does anyone hear? If anyone watches us from a distance, do we see them? This is the age-old human question as fellow and sister earthlings we search the skies in constant wonderment. Where did we come from? Where are we going? Are other humans waiting to welcome us with a long and distant embrace? We somehow call out for companionship from the stars and remote solar systems.

This is the human conundrum. Think of this as we celebrate the longest earthday in all its cosmic splendor. Yes, this is the summer solstice. Here on mother earth. The longest day. Commemorate this as we now prepare for the longest night.

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