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Format: 2018-06-20
Format: 2018-06-20
Colchester Town Meeting - 03/02/2015
The Town of Colchester Town Meeting.
Williston Town Meeting - 03/02/2015
The Williston Town Meeting. Warning available at the  Williston website.
Town of Essex Annual Meeting - 03/02/2015
The Annual Town Meeting.
Public Hearing on 2015 Burlington Ballot Questions - 02/23/2015
Burlington City Residents will face 8 questoins on the Town Meeting ballot.  http://www.burlingtonvt.gov
Town of Williston Budget Presentation - 02/20/2015
Town Manager Rick McGuire along with Finance Director Susan Lamb and Board Chair Terry Macaig present the 2016 proposed Town budget.
Burlington School Budget - 02/20/2015
Dr. Miriam Stoll, Clinical Psychologist and Ward 5 School Commissioner is joined by Interim Superintendent Howard Smith on the proposed Burlington School District 2016 Budget.
Town of Williston Selectboard 3 Year - Uncontested - 02/20/2015
Uncontested incumbent Town Select Board Chair Terry Macaig seeks the 3 year seat.
Town of Williston Selectboard 2 Year - 02/20/2015
Incumbent Jeff Fehrs and Anthony O'Rourke seek the 2 year seat on Williston's Town Select Board.
Town of Williston Selectboard 1 Year - 02/20/2015
Candidates for a 1 year seat on the Williston Select Board include: Melissa Ham-Ellis, Ted Kenney and Joy Limoge.
Burlington Mayoral Forum - 02/19/2015
Mayoral Candidates, Incumbent Miro Weinberger (D), Steve Goodkind (P), Loyal Ploof (L), and Greg Guma (I). Presented in partnership with Channel 17/Town Meeting Televisino, Seven Days Vermont and WDEV Radio. 
City of Winooski Budget Presentation - 02/19/2015
City Manager Deac Decarreau, Mayor Mike O'Brien and Councilor Brian Sweeney present the 2016 proposed City budget.
Winooski City Mayor - 02/19/2015
City Mayor is a 3-year term.  Seth Leonard and William Norful are both seeking the position.
Winooski City Council 2 and 3 Year - 02/19/2015
Two, 2-year seats on the Winooski City Council are sought by 3 candidates.  Nicole Mace, Robert Millar and Stephen Ticehurst.
Williston School District Budget Presentation - 02/18/2015
District Principal Walter Nardelli is joined by Deb Baker-Moody, member of the School Board, to present the 2016 Williston School District Budget.
Williston School Board 3 Year - 02/18/2015
Karen Maklad and Michael Wayman both seek the 3-year seat on the Williston School District Board.