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Northgate residents contribute programs to share with their community and the greater Burlington area. Northgate Apartments is a resident-owned community just minutes from downtown Burlington, VT.

Programs in this Series

Format: 2021-06-17
Format: 2021-06-17
Yoga Anywhere - 06/07/2021
With this short sequence, pick and choose asanas to learn to connect with your breath and body anywhere!
Guided Meditation - White Light Protection - 05/31/2021
This meditation guides you into relaxation and the centering of yourself. This supports you to create a protective energy field around you using an image of White Light from the center of your being. This keeps you feeling safe and at peace.
Kid's Yoga - A Sunny Day - 05/24/2021
In this short yoga sequence, sing, dance and do yoga with a sunny theme! Recommended for ages 1-5.
Rainy Day Kid's Yoga - 05/10/2021
In this kids yoga sequence, let's move, sing, dance and have fun with a rain-based theme.
Guided Meditation - Embracing Your Inner Child - 05/03/2021
This meditation is designed to guide you into relaxation and embrace your inner child. This supports you to become more understanding of yourself and accept your own self just the way you are.
Introduction to Chakras - 04/19/2021
Learn about the seven chakras (energy wheels) in the body and learn the corresponding seed sounds to help move energy up your spine. This program was contributed by Emily Kayoi.
Guided Meditation - The Color of Your Own Self - 04/05/2021
This meditation is designed to guide you into relaxation, and this supports you to feel sure of yourself and see yourself as an amazing and gifted being.
Kid's Yoga - Dinosaurs - 03/29/2021
Get your little ones ready for some dinosaur fun! Sing, move, and breathe with a dinosaur theme. This program was contributed by Emily Kayoi.
Grounding Breathwork and Yoga - 03/22/2021
Last week, we practiced two grounding breathwork techniques. This week, we'll open with one of our techniques and then focus on a short asana (movement / posture) finishing off with another breath technique. This program was contributed by ...
Grounding Breathwork - 03/15/2021
In this short video, learn two breathing techniques to help ground yourself, find focus and be more present. This program was contributed by Emily Kayoi.
Teddy Bear Kid's Yoga - 03/01/2021
Get your stuffy or teddy for some song, yoga, movement, and adventure! This program was contributed by Emily Kayoi.
Guided Meditation - Healing Spring Water - Living with Vitality and Peace - 02/22/2021
This meditation is designed to guide you to relax and restore your body, mind, and heart using the image of drinking healing spring water. This will support you to raise your vibration to regain vitality and peace to live in the present moment.
Yoga Gentle Breathing - 02/15/2021
Tune into your body while observing your breath.This program was contributed by Emily Kayoi.
Yoga Breathing - Kapalbhati - 02/08/2021
In this short video, we explore Khapalbhati breathing. This is a very energizing and purifying breathing technique. Take it slowly and enjoy a way to boost your energy level. This program was contributed by Emily Kayoi.
Grateful Kid's Yoga - 01/25/2021
In this 15-minute sequence, families can breath, move, and sing together while thinking about what you are thankful for. This program was contributed by Emily Kayoi.

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