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Short volunteer and community producer videos submitted as part of Access TV PSA contests.

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Format: 2020-06-03
Format: 2020-06-03
HIV/AIDS Stigma PSA - 10/01/2008
A video about the stigma that people face when approaching a diagnosis of AIDS or HIV. Part of a VT Cares Campaign. Created by community volunteer, Roy Belcher.
Peace & Justice Center PSA - 10/01/2008
Jen Berger and Colin Robinson of the Peace and Justice Center show what is cool and what is not cool. A 2008 PSA contest submission   The Peace and Justice Center is a Vermont-based non-profit, membership organization. Our mission is to create...
Healthy City Youth Farm Rap - 10/01/2008
Healthy City Rapper, Keith LaFountaine tells us about local foods hip hoppy qualities. this rap was played in local schools as part of a healthy cities local foods day. Healthy Cities grows and sells food to the Burlington School sfood System as...
Dry Hydrants PSA - 09/24/2008
Fire protection and dry hydrant safety PSA. Vermont Rural Fire Protection Task Force The mission of the Vermont Rural Fire Protection Task Force is to enhance personal, family and property security against fire loss in Vermont by coordinating...
Health Care Security Fund PSA - 09/24/2008
Vermont Campaign for Health Care Seurity Education Fund explains how easy it is to get access to affordable health care. The Vermont Campaign for Health Care Security Education Fund is a broad-based, non-partisan organization committed to creating...
Mercy Connections PSA - 09/24/2008
Mercy Connections talks about living poor and on a fixed income Thier mission as a non-profit educational corporation, in collaboration with other organizations, supports holistic growth and development of women and men of all income levels in an...
King St. Youth Center Mentoring PSA - 09/24/2008
King Street youth talk about the importance of mentoring. King Street embraces the fundamental belief in the value of all children. Our existence is based on our belief that children deserve the best that we have to offer. We owe them our collective...
Poison Control PSA - 09/24/2008
Northen New England Poison Control center explains that prescription drugs are dangerous and should be locked up. PSA performed by Connecting Youth Improv Troupe.
RU12? PSA - 09/24/2008
The homo avenger takes on the mis use of the word gay. The RU12? Community Center celebrates, educates and advocates with and for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) Vermonters. RU12? has a rich drop-in resource center, free...
PSA Contest Promo - 08/27/2008
Join in the Change the World in 30 Seconds Contest. Public Service Announcement and Political Short Contest brought to you by your local community access television and new media outlets. Deadline for Entry October 8, 2008. You can change the world...
Burlington Timebanks PSA - 08/19/2008
A sock puppet show PSA describing the Burlington Timebanks.   The Timebanks mission is to expand a movement that develops, supports, and promotes a network of Time Banks that rebuild community, and reforms economic and social systems, policies and...
CCTA PSA '30 seconds" - 08/19/2008
30 second PSA describing the uses and benefits of using CCTA as transportation.
Turn Out The Lights! PSA - 07/01/2008
Turn Out The Lights! PSA
Old North End Farmers' Market PSA - 06/01/2008
Previous winner of a CCTV PSA Contest. This short video promotes the ONE Burlington Farmers' Market. Created by local videomaker and farmer Hilary Martin.
CCTV PSA Contest Entries - 10/01/2005
CCTV PSA Contest Entries