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Melinda Moulton


Host Melinda Moulton sheds light through interviews, a variety of local organizations and people in the community.

Programs in this Series

Format: 2020-04-04
Format: 2020-04-04
Opportunities Credit Union- Caryl Stewart - 02/20/2008
Melinda Moulton talks with Caryl Stewart, President and CEO Opportunities Credit Union.
Big Heavy World - 01/16/2008
Melinda Moulton talks with Jim Lockridge, Executive Director, Big Heavy World.
Campaign to End Childhood Hunger - 12/19/2007
Host, Melinda Moulton Robert Dostis, Executive Director, Vermont Campaign to End Childhood Hunger Joanne Heidkamp, Program DIrector, Vermont Campaign to End Childhood Hunger
The Governor's Cmsn. on Climate Change, with VPIRG's James Moore - 11/21/2007
Host Melinda Moulton talks with James Moore, Clean Energy Advocate, VPIRG.
Business/Social Responsibility - 10/17/2007
Host Melinda Moulton talks with Will Patten from Vermont Business for Social Responsibility
True Majority, Duane Peterson - 08/15/2007
Melinda Moulton talks with Duane Peterson about True Majority
VEIC (Vermont Energy Investment Corporation) - 05/16/2007
For more information about Vermont Energy Investment Corporation (VEIC), click here.
Barbara Rachelson, Lund Ctr. - 01/17/2007
For more information about Lund Family Center, click here.

Featured Story

Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger Offers City Resources in response to Covid 19 Pandemic

Burlington Resource & Recovery Center: On Monday, March 23, we launched the Burlington COVID-19 Resource & Recovery Center, or RRC. The RRC's function is to provide relief to the economic disruption of COVID-19. If you are a renter worried about housing security, a business owner seeking access to federal assistance, a person experiencing homelessness who needs shelter, a Burlingtonian looking for information about City taxes and fees during this time or the federal aid that is coming, or someone looking to volunteer safely, you can get a 1-1 (remote) consult at the RRC and find many resources on the website. For more information, call (802) 755-7239 or go to the City website: https://www.burlingtonvt.gov/Resources


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