On the Waterfront


Melinda Moulton


Host Melinda Moulton sheds light through interviews, a variety of local organizations and people in the community.

Programs in this Series

Format: 2017-07-26
Format: 2017-07-26
Vermont Works for Women - 07/19/2017
Host Melinda Moulton speaks with Wendy Rice, the Executive Director of Vermont Works for Women. For more info visit: http://www.vtworksforwomen.org/
Vermont Brewers Festival - 06/21/2017
Mariah Riggs, Director of the Main Street Landing Performing Arts Center, interviews Amy Cronin, Marketing Director of the Vermont Brewers Festival. For more info visit: http://www.vtbrewfest.com/
Live Like Benjo Foundation - Awareness for Shallow Water Blackout - 05/17/2017
Host Melinda Moulton speaks with Dean Haller of the Live Like Benjo Foundation. The Live Like Benjo Foundation was created in October of 2014 after the tragic death by Shallow Water Blackout of Benjamin C. "Benjo" Haller of Underhill,...
Yestermorrow Design/Build School - 04/19/2017
Host Melinda Moulton speaks with Mike Crowley, Executive Director of YESTERMORROW. For more info visit: https://yestermorrow.org/
Mercy Connections - 03/22/2017
Host Melinda Moulton speaks with Ashley Michelle Fowler, Communications and Development Associate and Instructor in the Women’s Small Business Program at Mercy Connections. For more info visit: http://mercyconnections.org/
Hand Tales - 01/18/2017
Host Mariah Riggs, Director of the Main Street Landing Performing Arts Center, speaks with Janet Savage about her company Hand Tales. For more information visit: http://handtales.com/the-facts/meet-janet-savage-hand-analyst/
"No Makeup" Podcast - 12/21/2016
Host Melinda Moulton speaks with Tiff Bluemle and Marissa Parisi about their lives, their work in their related fields, and their collaboration around the "No Makeup" Podcast on VPR. For more information visit: http://www.nomakeuppodcast....
Energy Independent Vermont - 11/16/2016
Host Melinda Moulton speaks with Tom Hughes of Energy Independent Vermont.
Northwest Vermont United Way - 11/04/2016
Host Melinda Moulton speaks with Martha Maksym, Executive Director of Northwest Vermont United Way.   For more information: https://www.facebook.com/unitedwaynwvt/
Steps to End Domestic Violence - 09/21/2016
Host Mariah Riggs speaks with Janice Santiago and Kelly Dougherty of Steps to End Domestic Violence.   For more information visit: http://www.stepsvt.org/
Laura Kate Winterbottom Memorial Fund March - 09/07/2016
Host Melinda Moulton speaks with the parents of Laura Winterbottom, JoAnn and Ned Winterbottom. Laura’s March on Saturday, September 10, at Oakledge Park will be the 10th and last one. More info: www.lkwfund.org
VSA Vermont - 08/17/2016
Host Melinda Moulton speaks with Judy Chalmer, Executive Director, VSA Vermont, on the organization's mission and successes. More information at www.vsavt.org VSA Vermont (VSA VT) is a not-for-profit arts and education organization, using the...
Lake Champlain Maritime Museum - 05/18/2016
Host Melinda Moulton talks with Mike Smiles, Executive Director of the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum. For more information visit: Lake Champlain Maritime Museum
Local Motion - 04/20/2016
Host Melinda Moulton discusses Local Motion with Emily Boedecker, Executive Director of Local Motion.  Local Motion is a member-supported non-profit organization promoting walking and biking for everyone, and helping Vermont...
King Street Youth Center - Kids On the Ball - 03/16/2016
Host Melinda Moulton welcomes Vicky Smith, Executive Director of King Street Youth Center, and Jake Agna, Coordinator of Kids on the Ball. More Information: www.kingstreetcenter.org

Featured Story

Burlington Telecom Warns of Federal Threat to Net Neutrality

Nearly every company and every household in Burlington buys internet access and there is overwhelming bipartisan support for keeping the internet free and open, including from Vermont Congressman Welch, as well as, Senators Sanders and Leahy. Despite this, the FCC is charging ahead with a plan to roll-back these crucial protections, giving large ISPs new controls over what customers see, hear, and do online.


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