Addiction Recovery Channel: Understanding White Supremacy in America and What We Can Do About It - An Honest Conversation with Dr. Leon Walls 04/23/2021

Media Justice: Racialized Disinformation In Context - Español 04/20/2021

Media Justice: Racialized Disinformation In Context 04/20/2021

Discussion Between Civilians and Burlington Police Officers 03/10/2021

Stopping Stones Dedication for Lavinia and Francis Parker 09/13/2020

Mayor Miro Weinberger Virtual Coffee 06/17/2020

Rally and March for George Floyd at Battery Park 05/30/2020

Winooski & The Buffalo Soldiers: A Celebration of Black History Month 02/02/2020

Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday Celebrations: Panel Discussion - What Will the Fight for Civil Rights Look Like in the 2020s? 01/20/2020

Vermont Racial Justice Alliance - The Facts About Slavery in Vermont 11/20/2019

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The Town Meeting TV production intern will work on community media projects at the request of Town Meeting TV’s production coordinator in partnership with identified community partners.


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