South Burlington Development Review Board

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Agenda Items

  1. Call to Order/Agenda/Announcements - 0:00
  2. Continued preliminary and final plat application #SD‐20‐21 of Beta Air, Inc. to amend a previously approved plan for an airport complex. The amendment consists of constructing a 23,500 sf three‐ story addition to an existing 39,200 sf one‐story existing hangar/office building, reconfiguring the adjacent parking area, and related site improvements, 1150 Airport Drive. - 4:39
  3. Final plat application #SD‐20‐23 of Thomas and Kimberly Philips to subdivide an existing lot of 2.02 acres developed with a single family home into two lots of 1.12 acres (Lot 1) and 0.90 acres (Lot 2) for the purpose of developing a single family home on Lot 2, 1430 Spear Street. - 38:35
  4. Miscellaneous application #MS‐20‐04 of Ninety Nine Swift Street Associates, LLC for grading and placement of fill. The purpose is to preload the soils and establish a building pad in the location of a future building, 105 Swift Street. - 75:03
  5. Sketch plan application #SD‐20‐25 of Ninety Nine Swift Street Associates, LLC to create a planned unit development of two lots at 99 Swift Street and 105 Swift Street and construct a 7,300 sf 20‐ unit residential building, of which four (4) are proposed to be inclusionary units, and associated site improvements on the lot at 105 Swift Street, 105 Swift Street. - 97:01
  6. . Preliminary and final plat application #SD‐20‐26 of O’Brien Home Farm LLC to subdivide four existing parcels ranging in size from 7.23 acres to 64.51 acres into seven (7) lots ranging from 0.51 acres to 37.29 acres for the purpose of establishing separate ownership in anticipation of future development on the lots, 500 Old Farm Road. - 134:57
  7. Final plat application #SD‐20‐24 of Champlain Oil Company, LLC to consolidate an existing 0.48 acre lot and an existing 0.32 acre lot into one lot, 510 Shelburne St - 143:29
  8. Site plan application #SP‐20‐029 of Champlain Oil Company, LLC to construct a two and a half story building of 13,818 sf to be used as a bank, restaurant and general office, 510 Shelburne St. - 149:07

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The South Burlington Development Review Board meets on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month.

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1 Saturday August 8, 2020 at 8:00 PM
2 Sunday August 9, 2020 at 1:00 AM
3 Sunday August 9, 2020 at 7:00 AM


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