Vermont Racial Justice Alliance Meeting

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The struggle for voting rights; the struggle for gender rights; the struggle for climate justice; the struggle for LGBTQIA rights; the struggle against global warming; the struggle for the rights of those who are indigenous; the struggle for fair wages; the struggle for the rights of the disabled; the struggle against the war economy; the struggle against poverty; the struggle to protect our children; the struggle for clean water; the struggle for health care; the struggle against systemic racism and more are all connected. Poverty is manufactured and wealth has been created and is sustained through the oppression of these categories. We are at our best when we break through the barriers created to divide us and to perpetuate the power of the one percent. We stand in agreement that race and racism was designated as a tool to create and sustain unchecked capitalism as the bedrock of a greedy colonial white nation. We're here to change that.

The Vermont Racial Justice Alliance addresses racial justice in Vermont with the use of their collective strengths and voices to implement policy that positively impacts Vermont by addressing systems and processes that surround the institutionalized as well as overt discriminatory components of racism in Vermont.

Our Vermont Racial Justice Alliance People of Color Steering Committee agrees that it's time to build power behind our legislative agenda. It's time to change Vermont.

* Constitutional Amendment (Prohibit Slavery) (PR.2)
* Reparations (H.478)
* Racial Equity – Clean-up (S.120)
* Statewide processes and policy on LE UoF (S.119 and H.464)
* Discriminatory Practices (S.145 and H.465)

This session teaches you the components of the Vermont Racial Justice Alliance #ChangeVermont Legislative Agenda and equips you to take action. Special emphasis is placed on the case for amending the constitution.

Join the Vermont Racial Justice Alliance here:

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