Burlington Mayor's Show



Mayor Miro Weinberger hosts a monthly call-in program to hear from citizens and provide updates on city projects and social issues.

Programs in this Series

Format: 2019-07-23
Format: 2019-07-23
BTV Ignite Initiative - 10/22/2014
Host Mayor Miro Weinberger speaks with Katie Taylor, Government Affairs Specialist with Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce - Patrick (Pat) Clemins, Cyber Specialist, Vermont EPSCoR and Asst. Research Professor, Dept. of Computer Science,...
Successes of the 'Penny for Parks' Program - 06/25/2014
Host Mayor Miro Weinberger speaks with Jen Francis, Parks Planner with the Department of Parks and Recreation, Jon Adams-Kollitz, Parks Project Coordinator with Parks and REcreation Department, and Mary Alice McKenzie, Executive Director of the...
Community Development Week and Early Childhood Initiatives - 04/23/2014
Host Mayor Miro Weinberger speaks with guests Leisa Pollander, Executive Director of Sara Holbrook Center and Marcy Krumbine, Assistant Director for Community Development at CEDO.
Burlington Ballot Items - 02/26/2014
Host Mayor Miro Weinberger speaks with Tad Cooke, New Moran Project (PIAP), Doreen Kraft, Executive Director of Burlkington City Arts, Jesse Bridges, Director of the Department of Parks and Recreation, and Bob Rusten, Cheif Administrative Officer on...
Public Investment Action Plan (PIAP) - 01/22/2014
Guest Host Nate Wildfire speaks to the Public Investment Action Plan, one of Burlington's Ballot Items this March 2014 Town Meeting.  Joining Nater are: Phelan Fretz, ECHO · Mark Naud, Executive Director, Lake Champlain Community...
Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger - 01/07/2014
Burlington City Mayor Miro Weinberger (D), shares his experience as a leader and what lays ahead for the City.
Lead Poisoning Awareness and Prevention - 10/23/2013
Host Mayor Miro Weinberger speaks with Lauren Pyatt, Outreach Specialist with CEDO's Lead Program, and Deputy Commissioner for the Vermont Department of Health, Tracy Dolan on lead poisoning awareness and prevention in Burlington.
Mayor Miro Weinberger - 09/25/2013
Host Mayor Miro Weinberger talks with The Intervale Center Executive Director, Travis Marcotte about the future of Burlington's agricultural bread basket.
New Chief Administrative Officer, Bob Rusten - 06/26/2013
Host Mayor Miro Weinberger speaks with new Chief Administative Officer Bob Rusten, on the recently passed 2014 budget and future financial issues.
Public Investment Action Plan, the Bike Path, and Walk-Bike Friendly initiatives - 05/15/2013
Host Mayor Miro Weinberger speaks with Nate Wildfire, Assistant Director for Economic Development at CEDO, and Jason Van Driesche, Director of Advocacy and Education at Local Motion on the Public Investment Action Plan (PIAP), the Bike Path, and...
IBM Smarter Cities Challenge - 04/17/2013
Host Mayor Miro Weinberger is joined by members of the IBM Smarter Cities Challenge, Burlington Team, to share the goals, process and outcomes of their time in Burlington.  There are a total of 6 international team members.  2 join the...
Partnership for Change - 03/27/2013
Host Mayor Miro Weinberger speaks with Benjamin Roesch, BHS English Teacher and Youth Engagement and Leadership Fellow of the Partnership for Change - Emma Galvin, BHS Senior Class Student Government Representative and Co-Chair of the Youth...
Burlington International Airport - 02/27/2013
Host Mayor Miro Weinberger speaks with Interim Director of Aviation Gene Richards and Heather Kendrew, Director of Maintenance/Engineering/Environment.
Waterfront and Downtown Public Investment Action Plan - 01/23/2013
Host Mayor Miro Weinberger speaks with Peter Owens, CEDO Director, and Nate Wildfire, CEDO's new Assistant Director of Economic Development, to discuss the recent announcement of the Waterfront and Downtown Public Investment Action Team.
Burlington Lead-Abatement Program - 11/28/2012
Host Mayor Miro Weinberger speaks with Brian Pine, Assistant Director for Housing with CEDO, Ita Meno, Burlington Code Enforcement Officer, and Jeff Tanguay, Program Coordinator for the Burlington Lead Program, on the continued success and need for...

Featured Story

FCC Updates on Draft Rules for Cable Access TV

Perhaps the biggest loss for communities in the Order is the preemption of local governments from being able to tax telecommunications services provided by the cable industry even though the right of way is being used. This specifically seeks to defund local communities who have the ability under their state law to tax all telecom providers equally and now creates a disparity between cable and non-cable providers.


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