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Retiring Judge Ben Joseph speaks with a variety of professionals interacting with the legal system.

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Format: 2020-04-07
Format: 2020-04-07
Conversations Around Cannabis - The Majority Report - 12/05/2019
Judge Ben Joseph hosts a discussion with Edwin Baker, LICSW of Morrisville VT and an addiction and substance abuse counselor; Dr. Catherine Antley, member of the Vermont Medical Society of Burlington; and Pharmacologist Judith Margulies from...
Conversations Around Cannabis with Bishop Jethro James - 12/05/2019
Judge Ben Joseph hosts a discussion about cannabis with Bishop Jethro James from New Jersey, a Senior Pastor of Paradise Baptist Church. James also serves as the New Jersey State Director of Social Action, is chairperson of the appropriations...
What Is Restorative Justice? - 09/05/2019
Judge Ben interviews Nina Curtis, Executive Director of the Franklin Grand Isle Restorative Justice Center.
The Consequences of Drug Abuse on our Communities - 08/23/2019
Judge Ben interviews Vicki Gohl, a retail business owner in Brattleboro, VT. Retail stores on the street have been hurt by the presence of drug abusers hassling shoppers for money to buy drugs. Stores have closed, jobs have been lost, and taxes are...
Highway Safety - Speed and Weed - 04/02/2019
Judge Ben chats with Chief of the Governor's Highway Safety Program Keith Flynn.
The Effects of Marijuana and Driving - 02/18/2019
Ben Joseph talks with Phillip Drum, a pharmacist and expert on the effects of marijuana and driving.
Consequences of the Commercialization of Marijuana - 12/20/2018
Ben Joseph talks with Dr. Catherine Antley about marijuana commercialization.
The Future of Health Care in Vermont - 09/20/2018
Ben Joseph and Dr. Louis Meyers, M.D., discuss the future of healthcare for Vermonters. Meyers is running for a seat in the State Senate this year. They also touch upon the unknown risks of marijuana and the increase of abuse of the drug in our...
Will Vermont Have a Budget by July 1st? - 05/17/2018
Host Ben Joseph is joined by Mitzi Johnson, Speaker of the House for the State of Vermont, about the pending dispute between the legislature and Governor Scott over the 2019 budget.
Legislative Update on Vermont Education Policy - 04/09/2018
Host Ben Joseph is joined by Dave Sharp, Chair of the Vermont House of Representatives Education Committee, to discuss current education finance policy in the works at the Vermont Legislature.
The Social Costs of Recreational Marijuana in Colorado - 12/21/2017
Guest Doctor Karen Randall of Pueblo, Colorado, talks about the social costs of recreational cannabis use in her community via Skype.
Abused and Neglected Children - What Can Legal Guardians Do to Help These Kids? - 11/20/2017
Ben Joseph hosts Guardian Ad Litem Coordinator for Franklin and Grand Isle Counties Mary Stanley to discuss the state's urgent need for greater participation in the volunteer guardianship programs throughout Vermont.
Highway Fatalities and Marijuana - 10/18/2017
Ben Joseph talks with Darryl Rodgers of North Carolina about the tragedy that befell his family related to marijuana. Learn more about Darryl's mission to spread the word about marijuana abuse at www.Speedy34.com.
Effects of Marijuana on Youth - 10/09/2017
Dr. Sharon Levy of Boston Children's Hospital discusses the effects of marijuana on youth with Grand Isle-Chittenden County Representative Ben Joseph.
Family Members Struggling with Marijuana Addiction - 09/29/2017
Ben Joseph talks with Aubree Adams of Colorado via Skype about the challenges of having a close family member who is struggling with marijuana addiction, the costs that the legalization and industrialization of the marijuana trade have had on her...

Featured Story

Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger Offers City Resources in response to Covid 19 Pandemic

Burlington Resource & Recovery Center: On Monday, March 23, we launched the Burlington COVID-19 Resource & Recovery Center, or RRC. The RRC's function is to provide relief to the economic disruption of COVID-19. If you are a renter worried about housing security, a business owner seeking access to federal assistance, a person experiencing homelessness who needs shelter, a Burlingtonian looking for information about City taxes and fees during this time or the federal aid that is coming, or someone looking to volunteer safely, you can get a 1-1 (remote) consult at the RRC and find many resources on the website. For more information, call (802) 755-7239 or go to the City website: https://www.burlingtonvt.gov/Resources


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