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True North Reports TV is a branch of an online communications service dedicated to fostering public debate over Vermont based issues from a free market perspective.

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Format: 2021-06-16
Format: 2021-06-16
Marijuana & Elections 2018 - 07/23/2018
In this episode of True North Reports, host Michael Bielawski Speaks with Lou Varricchio about the upcoming Primary and General Elections and how the Legalization of marijuana in Vermont will play a part in it.  
Gun & Budget Showdown - 05/18/2018
Michael Bielawski is joined by Lou Varricchio over the phone and they discuss the gun and budget showdown in the Vermont Legislature.
Guns, Guns, and More Guns Part 2 - 04/20/2018
Michael Bielawski continues the discussion on guns and specifically delves into the three gun bills that Governor Phil Scott recently signed into law (S.55, H.422, and S.221) and the potential political fallout for Governor Scott because of...
Guns, Guns, and More Guns - 03/16/2018
Michael Bielawski discusses second amendment reforms and firearms safety policy with expert Bill Moore and reporter Lou Varricchio calling in. For more information visit
Marijuana and the Carbon Tax - 01/19/2018
Michael Bielawski is joined by Lou Varricchio via phone to discuss cannabis legislation and proposed state-level carbon taxation. For more information visit
Corporate Tax Rates and the American Economy - 12/15/2017
Robert Maynard is joined by Michael Bielawski to explore some Libertarian perspectives on corporate tax reform in the context of the 2017 Senate and House tax overhaul bills being considered in the United States Congress. For more information visit...
The Carbon Tax and the Essex Plan - 11/17/2017
Guest host Michael Bielawski welcomes Bruce Parker and Lou Varricchio to True North Reports, where they consider some problems with a carbon tax as implemented by the current "Essex Plan" and explore Charles Murray's summary ejection...
Are EVs Ready for Prime Time? - 10/20/2017
Host Robert Maynard brings in VT Watchdog reporters Lou Varricchio, over the phone, and Michael Bielawski, in the studio, to discuss the promises and perils of electric automobiles. For more information visit
The Democrats, Bernie, and the Immigration Question - 09/15/2017
The twin topics on this month's episode are the flip-flop of the Democrat’s progressive wing on immigration and the possible brewing internal division within that party in the run-up to the election.   For more information visit www....
21st Century Policing - 08/18/2017
Guest Host Michael Bielawski welcomes Vermont Watchdog Reporter Lou Varricchio to discuss recent instances of civil unrest and how law enforcement can best respond.
Governor's Commission on Climate Change - 07/21/2017
Robert Maynard hosts Vermont Watchdog reporter Michael Bielinski to discuss the Governor's Commission on Climate Change and address controversies about climate science. For more information visit:
True North Welcomes Vermont Watchdog - 06/16/2017
Host Robert Maynard welcomes Vermont Watchdog Journalist Lou Varricchio as a new staff member of True North Reports and they explore the news reporting and investigative journalism contributions he will bring. For more information visit: www....
Putin's Endgame - 04/21/2017
Host Robert Maynard speaks on U.S. relations with Russia and Putin's endgame. For more info visit:
St. Patrick’s Day - 03/17/2017
Host Robert Maynard speaks on Robert Maynard St. Patrick’s Day and the Celtic Christian contribution to our western heritage in general and the notion of individual liberty in particular. For more info visit:
Vermont’s Demographic Relating to a Shrinking Workforce - 01/20/2017
Host Robert Maynard speaks on Vermont’s demographic problem as it relates to a shrinking workforce and the gap between the workforce available to employers and what will be needed to sustain a prosperous economy in the future.  For more...

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