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The Vermont Workers' Center is a democratic, member-run organization dedicated to organizing for workers' rights and living wages for all Vermonters. For more information,

Programs in this Series

Format: 2022-01-23
Format: 2022-01-23
Salvation Farms - 10/23/2015
Host Stauch Blaise speaks with Theresa Snow, Executive Director of Salvation Farms whose mission is to build increased resilience in Vermont's food system through agricultural surplus management. The show also includes 'Stauch On The Loose...
Hosted by Stauch Blaise - 08/28/2015
Host Stauch Blaise speaks with guest James Haslam, Director of Rights & Democracy, and Elise Geaves, Canvasser for Rights & Democracy about the upcoming Labor Day Celebration and Rad Launch Party. For more info visit: http://www.radvt....
With Guest Ben French - 07/24/2015
Host Stauch Blaise speaks with Ben French, a Human Rights/Anti-War Activist with perspectives on a variety of current events.
Legislative Recap - 05/22/2015
Host Stauch Blaise and guest Chris Karr, from the VT Workers' Center, gives a Legislative Recap.   For more info visit:  or
Now is the Time!...May Day Rally - 04/24/2015
Host Stauch Blaise speaks with Amanda Sheppard, Organizer with AFSCME and others on the April 18th VSEA Rally and upcoming May Day Rally at the Statehouse.  (Friday, May 1st).
Vermont Budget and State Employees - 03/27/2015
Host Stauch Blaise speaks with Tim Boyle, VSEA member and John Howe, VSEA member and organizer of a rally at the VT statehouse on April 11 to oppose planned state budget cuts. Tim and John discuss impending changes to the VT state bdget and how it...
Building a Common Agenda for People and the Planet - 03/15/2015
Movement leaders from a variety of struggles participate in a panel discussion on building a common agenda for people and the planet here in Vermont.  Participating organizations include: Vermont Workers' Center, Vermont Interfaith Action,...
Health Care Financing Alternative - 02/27/2015
Host Stauch Blaise speaks with Marigo Farr on a Health Care Financing Alternative.
Democracy in Action - 01/23/2015
Host Stauch Blaise is joined by activists Jessica Morrison, Sarah Knutson and Anna Gebhardt who were arrested as part of the 'Sit-In Action' during Governor Shumlin's Inaugural speech January of 2015.
Communication Breakdown - 11/21/2014
Host Stauch Blaise speaks with new Workers Center President, Ellen Shwarz on current issues and then focusses conversatoin with 3 striking Fairpoint workers, Galandrielle Richmond, Ned O'Brien, and Lisa Heisler, all of CWA Local 1400.
Accessibility - 10/24/2014
Host Stauch Blaise speaks with Nate Besio, Peer Councilor with Vermont Council on Independent Living.
Marching for Our Planet - 09/26/2014
Host Stauch Blaise and guests share insights into the recent massive Climate March in New York City.
The Power of Music - 08/22/2014
Host Stauch Blaise speaks with Rik Palieri about this work as a musician and activist.  He has sung with the likes of Pete Seeger and Bruce Springsteen, recently returned from touring in Turkey.
Grass Roots Organizing - 07/25/2014
Host Stauch Blaise speaks with Amanda Shepard, Organizer with AFSCME on the important work of organizing on the 'ground level'.
Gas Pipeline - Good for Who? - 06/27/2014
Host Stauch Blaise speaks with Addison County residents Jane Palmer and Maren Vasatka on the impact of the Vermont Gas Pipeline project to Addison County.