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The Vermont Workers' Center is a democratic, member-run organization dedicated to organizing for workers' rights and living wages for all Vermonters. For more information,

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Format: 2020-02-26
Format: 2020-02-26
Will Vermont Lead the Way to Real Health Care Reform? - 03/26/2010
Host Traven Leyshon and Anisa Potvin and Bekah Mandell from Vermont Workrs' Center discuss the health care reform.
Vermont Workers' Center - Health Care is a Human Right 2010 Campaign Video - 03/26/2010
Vermont Workers' Center put together a video of clips from State House Hearings and town hall hearings from around Vermont showing how the community of Vermont desires health care for all calling for Health Care as a Human Right.
Mari Cordes, RN - Haiti Relief - 02/26/2010
Matt McGrath, Vermont Workers' Center Show Host, speaks with Mari Cordes, RN leader of the Fletcher Allen Nurses Union UPV/AFT Local 5221 and VWC's Healthcare Is A Human Right Campaign who led their first VT delegation of health providers to Haiti...
Guest Paul Cillo, Public Assets Institute - 01/22/2010
Host Traven Leyshon speaks with Paul Cillo of the Public Assets Institute on balanced approach to the State budget  in the face of deep revenue shortfalls.
People's Forum on Healthcare - 12/01/2009
Chittenden County Organizing Committee of the Healthcare Is A Human Right Campaign, a project of the Vermont Workers' Center, held this public event for local state legislators to explore how Vermont can establish healthcare as a basic human...
Public Services & Jobs Under Attack/ We Can Lead on Health Reform - 09/25/2009
Host Traven Leyshon is joined by Conor Casey, Legislative Coordinator for Vermont State Employees Association, to discuss the potential fallout of State Employee contract talks with the Administration, and the series of forums on Healthcare, Vermont...
Breaking the Gridlock on Healthcare Reform in VT - 08/28/2009
Host Traven Leyshon speaks with healthcare reform advocates, Con Hogan and Dr. Deb Richter.
Health Care is a Human Right & GI Resistance to the Wars - 06/26/2009
Host Traven Leyshon speaks with Kate Danelstein on the Workers Center Health Care is a Human Right campaign, and Adrienne Kinne on GI Resistance to the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  
Workers' Rights - 05/22/2009
Danw Stager hosts
Hospital Technicians Organize for Quality Patient Care - 02/27/2009
Host Matt McGrath speaks with Shelly on organizing efforts of FAHC technicians.
Healthy Homes Campaign - 01/23/2009
Matt McGrath, Vermont Workers' Center and Bekah Mandell, Burlington Livable City Coalition talk about lead paint and the "Healthy Homes Campaign".