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The Vermont Workers' Center is a democratic, member-run organization dedicated to organizing for workers' rights and living wages for all Vermonters. For more information,

Programs in this Series

Format: 2020-02-23
Format: 2020-02-23
People Power - Democracy in Action - 05/23/2014
Hosted by Stauch Blaise with guests, Duke Forcier and Parents United AFT.
Hosted by Stauch Blaise - 04/25/2014
Hosted by Stauch Blaise.
CCTA: From A Drivers Point of View - 03/28/2014
Host Stauch Blaise speaks with Tom Griffith, CCTA Driver, on the continuing Driver Action.
Solidarity Unionism: Vermont Labor Struggles - 02/28/2014
Co-Hosts Megan Sheehan and Jonathan Leavitt are joined by Amanda Sheppard of Vermont Homecare United, and Molly Skerry from the Burlington College Student Union.
2013 Review - 2014 Ahead - 01/24/2014
Co-Hosts Stauch Blaise and Ashley Moore speak to Traven Leyshon and Sandy Gaffney on the year past (2013) and the year ahead.
Hunger in Vermont - 11/22/2013
Co-Hosts Stauch Blaise and Marigo Farr, speak with Kelly McLemore, Volunteer Coordinator with Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf, Nathan Blaise of Randolp and Merry Gerrish of Bennington, on the issue of hunger and food access in Vermont.
VWC's 15th Year Celebration - 10/25/2013
Hosts Stauch Blaise and Ashley Moore join with Denise Rixie and Jonathan Kissam to talk about the 15 year history of VWC and what lies ahead.
Eyes on the Prize for Universal Healthcare - 10/24/2013
A community dialogue on how Vermont can stay on track toward a universal healthcare system where we all people get the care they need, when they need it. In 2011, due to a people’s movement, Vermont passed a law requiring the state to create a...
Paid Sick Days and Public Health Press Conference - 10/24/2013
Paid sick days are a public health priority for Vermont. Local health providers, workers, and business owners speak out about why paid sick days legislation is key to a healthy Vermont.Speakers include: Corey Mallon, RN at Fletcher Allen, leader in...
Health Care is a Human Right Community Meetings - 09/27/2013
Ashley Moore and Stauch Blaise talk with Liz Guenard about the Healthcare Is a Human Right organizing across Vermont.
People's Budget Film - 09/26/2013
People's Budget Film
People's Budget Workshop - 09/20/2013
A workshop to see how human rights might be used to change the way Vermont's budget is decided.  Attendees learn about participatory budgeting and discuss the Workers' Center's next steps in the campaign, ensuring Vermont gets a...
Paid Sick Days Campaign - 08/23/2013
Hosts Stauch Blaise and Sandra Schlosser, are joined by Ashley Moore of the Vermont Workers' Center and Lindsay DesLauriers of Voices for Vermont's Children on the Paid Sick Days Campaign.
Health Screening Clinics - 07/26/2013
The Road Ahead for the Healthcare Is a Human Right Campaign - Part 1: Health Screening Clinics Co-hosts Kate Maguire and Darya Marchenkova speak with Stauch Blaise of Randolph on the Clinics, then, via technology visit a number of health screening...
Telling Untold Stories - The People's Media Project - 05/24/2013
Host Traven Leyshon speaks with Megan Sheehan, Media Production Coordinator with Vermont Workers Center, Kate Maguire and Stauch Blaise, Worker Center Leaders, on the People's Media Project.