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The Vermont Workers' Center is a democratic, member-run organization dedicated to organizing for workers' rights and living wages for all Vermonters. For more information,

Programs in this Series

Format: 2020-02-23
Format: 2020-02-23
Put People First March & Rally: One Movement for People & the Planet - 04/27/2012
Host Traven Leyshon speaks with Sandra Schlosser & Avery Pittman, Workers Center activists, on the upcoming May Day activities.
May 1st Rally PSA - 04/11/2012
May 1st Rally PSA
Right to Education Promo - 04/11/2012
Vermont Workers' Center's Right to Education promo
Implications of Wisconsin Uprising - 03/23/2012
Host Traven Leyshon speaks with Sam Mayfield on her film, "Wisconsin Rising" discussing the implications of the Wisconsin Uprising and Vermont organizing against austerity and for Human Rights. Other topics discussed: May Day march...
Organizing for the Right to Education - 02/24/2012
Host Traven Leyshon with guest Ari Adelstein on the right to education day of action at the statehouse in Montpelier and nationwide..
Strength of the Storm - 01/27/2012
Host Traven Leyshon speaks with Sharon Rae Quinn and Rob Koier on the completion and roll out of the film 'Strength of the Storm'.
Put People First! Organizing for Human Rights, Saving Our Postal Service - 12/29/2011
Host Traven Leyshon and Puja Gupta speak with Jill Charbonneau, National Association of Letter Carriers Local 521.
Human Rights Day Conference & Launch of Put People First - 12/21/2011
Human Rights Day Conference & Launch of Put People First
Occupying and Organizing for Healthcare and Human Rights - 11/30/2011
Host Traven Leyshon talks with David Kreindler and Rob Koier from Vermont Workers' Center.
Put People First: A Look at Local Struggles by Teachers and Mobile Home Residents - 10/28/2011
Co-hosts, Amy Lester and Avery Book, of the Vermont Workers' Center, welcome Steve Owens, NEA Executive Board Member to discuss teacher struggles.  In addition, Amy and Avery speak about the struggles of Mobile Home residents.
Meeting the Challenges: Irene, Good Jobs, Healthcare, Workers Rights - 09/23/2011
Traven Leyson hosts this monthly call-in. Guests Jill Charbonneau, President AFL-CIO, David Newby, President Emeritus Wisconsin AFL-CIO, Jim McGee, Executive Director at Transit Employees' Health & Welfare Fund speak with...
Winning Healthcare & Migrant Justice - 08/26/2011
Traven Leyson hosts this monthly call-in. He is joined by Katie Robbins, Katie Robbins, National Organizer of Healthcare-NOW! and Natalia Fajardo, Vermont Migrant Farmworker Solidarity Project.
Puttin' It All Together: Anja Rudiger - 06/29/2011
Vermont Workers' Center's Traven Layshon interviews Anja Rudiger of the National Economic and Social Rights Initiative. Recorded 6/29/11.
Put People First! The People's Budget Campaign - 06/24/2011
Traven Leyson hosts this monthly call-in, with guest James Haslam, Director of the Vermont Workers' Center talking about the new VWC initiative 'Put People First! The People's Budget Campaign'.
Vermont’s Health Care Breakthrough - 05/27/2011
Traven Leyson hosts this monthly call-in. Guest David Kriendler joins Traven to discuss the success of the Workers Center efforts towards the passage of new Healthcare Legislation, and what is next on the healthcare front.