Solidarity with Standing Rock Rally NODAPL 12/05/2016

The NoDAPL Water Protectors are calling for a Global Month of Action beginning December 1st, and including special emphasis for mass, escalated actions on Dec. 5th & 6th. People gathered in Montpelier at Christ Church to prepare for a mass action, march, and sit-ins at TD Bank branches. TD Bank is a funder of the energy company behind the Dakota Access Pipeline project. Hear from attendees about why people are gathering to take action.

National Day Of Solidarity With Standing Rock Pipeline Protest 11/15/2016

Vermonters rally in Essex Junction at the US Army Corps of Engineers for a National Day Of Solidarity With Standing Rock Pipeline Protest.

Protesters gather across the country Tuesday in support of efforts to stop a proposed oil pipeline that will impact the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota. 

Burlington Telecom Advisory Board Meeting 11/09/2016

Learn more with the Burlington Telecom Advisory Board about the conditions of the current contracts with Citibank and Bluewater Group and the limitations these contracts place on the upcoming sale. The advisory board meetings are normally the 2nd Wednesday of the month. The board is made up of: David Provost, Joan Shannon, Karen Paul, Clem Nilan, Theresa Alberghini DiPalma, Tim Halvorson, and Jane Knodell.

Election Night Preview 10/31/2016

Channel 17 previews Election 2016 candidates and ballot items in anticipation of its November 8th Election Results Program. 

Gov. Shumlin Proclamation Signing 10/19/2016

Gov. Shumlin Proclamation Signing - Community Media Day - October 19, 2016

Burlington Access Media Organizations Sign Contract with Burlington Telecom 10/18/2016

Local Burlington Access Media Organizations Channel 17/Town Meeting TV, RETN, and VCAM sign contract with Stephen Barraclough of Burlington Telecom and Mayor Miro Weinberger.

RAD-TV Presents: Campaign Updates (Jobs, Justice, Climate; Raise Up Vermont) and Upcoming Events 09/23/2016

Host Grant Taylor speaks with guests Kate Logan and Laura Mistretta.

Rights and Democracy shares perspectives leading to a vision for a state in which every Vermonter earns a livable wage and has access to affordable health care, and where a progressive and equitable tax system supports an economy that protects the environment and human rights. We believe Vermont can lead our country in a new direction towards happy, healthy, and just communities for everyone.

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Paper Tiger Television Presents: Resisting the Empire 09/14/2016

Resisting the Empire critiques the media's coverage of the War in Iraq (Gulf War II). Produced by the Paper Tiger TV collective in the spring of 2003 soon after the US invasion of Iraq in response to the lack of alternative perspectives on the war available through the mainstream media. This production provides a brief history of US foreign policy and military involvement abroad, looks at the corporate media's inadequate coverage of the peace movement and resistance to the war, deconstructs flashy techniques used to illustrate military intervention on the major networks and gives some information on how to get involved in activism for peace in your own community.

TRT: 28 minutes

Released: 2003

Tape # 316

Paper Tiger Television Presents: Erik Barnouw Looks at Television and The Elections: Is U.S. Democracy Going Down The Tubes? 09/14/2016

Media historian Erik Barnouw traces the development of the election campaign through the early days of radio to today's big $$$ TV campaigns. Addressing the roles of media companies, sponsors, government, and the candidates, this video presents an incisive overview of 20th century media. Barnouw is the author of many books on media, including "Tube of Plenty" and "Documenting the Documentary".

TRT: 28 minutes

Released: 1992

Tape # 222

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